52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 1

So, if you've been following my blog this will seem oddly familiar. I am bringing back the 52 Week Blog Challenge and linking up with my good friend Kate over at¬†mostsincerelykate¬†(GO FOLLOW HER SHE'S KINDA AWESOME). I swear I am going to make a better effort at this than I did last year. Every Friday … Continue reading 52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 1


Gratitude Challenge: Day Two

Life. Is. Crazy. I feel like I have been split up into 40 different pieces, BUT THE WEEK IS ALMOST OVER! Sorry I didn't get this bad boy up yesterday, but now we get a double post. Woot! So here is day two and as always, I'm grateful to be on this gratitude journey with … Continue reading Gratitude Challenge: Day Two