52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 1

So, if you’ve been following my blog this will seem oddly familiar. I am bringing back the 52 Week Blog Challenge and linking up with my good friend Kate over at mostsincerelykate (GO FOLLOW HER SHE’S KINDA AWESOME). I swear I am going to make a better effort at this than I did last year. Every Friday we’ll be posting a prompt from the picture below and if you wanna join in take the image and link back to us so we can follow along too!!! img_3590


This is Lindsey. We have been friends technically since 2000 but have been best friends since 2006. Lindsey has been my been my longest friendship and one of the most meaningful friendships I have ever had.

I met Lindsey under the table at Daisy’s one night. Our moms found us playing under there and we were friends since. Lindsey and I went to the same school, but weren’t really in the same friend group. It wasn’t until colorguard tryouts at the end of our sixth grade year that we became close. Since then, Lindsey and I have been practically attached at the hip…well at least metaphorically and we’ll get there in a second. Life with Lindsey by my side was never boring. We were constantly cracking jokes and being silly. We would run around town trying to make videos to put on YouTube and we were constantly at each others houses. She even helped my mom and I move out of my childhood home and into our first apartment. All of my best memories are with Lindsey.

At the end of freshman year of high school, her mom told us that she would not be returning to school because she was being sent to a boarding school to get a better education. While this was what was best for Lindsey, I was livid. I was so devastated. I just got through my first year without my parents being together and now I was going to have to go through high school alone without Linds by my side. Thankfully enough, I had also been told that I was switching schools so I would also have a fresh start. Having Lindsey on the other side of the state killed me. I wanted to scream. How was life ever going to be the same? I hated the school that I was at because I hated being the new kid. Lindsey hated boarding school. There was even one point that my mom was going to buy her a GPS so she could find her was out of there and we were going to pick her up. img_0586I knew that I found a best friend in Lindsey because my mom loved her like she was her own. My mom would have done absolutely anything for Linds. She was the second daughter that my mom always wanted. I can’t tell you how much Lindsey meant to my mom. She constantly worried about her. She wanted nothing by the best for Lindsey. Lindsey was actually one of the only friends that I had, up until Courtney came along, that got this kind of treatment. img_0585Then Lindsey did the best thing that she could ever do to me. MAKE ME AN AUNT AGAIN! We always talked about how we wanted our kinds to grow up together and be best friends just like us. And they will be, but I’m just joining the party late….realllly late. Lindsey having baby K was the best thing that could have ever happened to me because I was still really depressed and I had made a promise that baby K would be spoiled by me and I’ve tried my hardest. Being able to watch my best friend become a mother has been such an amazing experience. I am so proud of her and all that she has done for her son and I know that my mom was and still is incredibly proud of this girl. img_0584Making this post today is super special to me because today is also Lindsey’s 23rd birthday. It’s hard to believe that we’re in our twenties and are doing adult like things these days, but I am so blessed to still have this girl as my best friend.

Happy Birthday, Linds. I know life has been crazy and at times rough as hell but there hasn’t been a time where you haven’t come on top. I can never tell you how proud I am of you because I can never find the words for it. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store of you. This is going to be your year, babe!

xoxo, kate


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