So You Say You Wanna Make A ~Resolution~

Hello loves! I hope everyone’s day is going well. I’m currently sitting here eating and typing away so I can leave for my gram’s soon. I found that my step mom made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and left me some. Naturally, I had to make some coffee to go with it to warm me up because it is still FREEZING.

Btw, if you’re in an area where you have a lot of snow or cold temps, PLEASE BUNDLE UP!!!! I’m dreading going outside because of this. WE HAVE A WIND CHILL ADVISORY. Also, take note that it is supposed to snow on Monday and Laurel is taking me down to PGH for the day, so I’m really hoping that it doesn’t snow because I am all snowed out.

Also, lets talk about how it’s the fourth day of the New Year and I haven’t even gave it a thought about any resolutions I’d like to make. To be honest, it’s the same generic things that it always is like going to the gym and to stop swearing (there is a higher chance of me going to the gym than me losing my sailor mouth). Last year I posted “10 Thing I Hope to Leave in 2017” which was kind of like a New Year’s Resolution list but not at the same time. This really got me thinking when I revisited it because I did keep a lot of the same things from 2016 in 2017 but they kind of got better too which was really exciting for me to see. What better way for me to do it than with my keep and ditch list!

Completely Kate’s Keep and Ditch List of 2018

Keep: Lessons Learned

My oh my, was 2017 was a year for life lessons. I had to learn how to be an adult during the middle of the year. Losing my mom was absolutely the hardest thing that I had to do, but it came along with a lot of great life lessons. The way I look at it is that my mom was so great at teaching me life lessons that she just had to top it all off with one final one. I can honestly say that I am ready for whatever 2018 throws at me because I survived 2017 when I didn’t think that was remotely possible.

Ditch: My Bad Attitude

I am a negative Nancy and I hate it, however I have slowly started making improvements on the attitude that I hold towards the world. My view is changing on a lot of things. I have started to be a more positive person, but I still find myself being negative. This was something that I also wanted to leave in 2016, but in 2017 it got better. I think that in 2018 it will be easier for me to stay positive about things because I am extremely excited to see what it holds for me.

Keep: Wanting to Improve My Physical Health

In 2017, I FINALLY GOT A GYM MEMBERSHIP and I loved every second of it. I had some amazing accomplishments in the gym and I am honestly so excited to get back into the gym. What makes this better? My sister is going to make me a workout plan to help me out. How freaking cool is this? I also just want to say that while I am 100% happy with my body I have been given, it would be a lot nicer to improve my health. Here’s to realistic goals and hopefully doing a 5k!

Ditch: Bad Habits

You’d think that after stopping smoking and binge drinking what else would there be for me to stop. Jokes on me because  I still over eat and eat bad. This is one big thing that I have struggled with since I was little. I know that I can eat healthy and clean, it’s just a matter of doing it at this point. And as we can see, I’m off to a horrible start with the cinnamon roll.

Keep: My Constant Urge to Help People

OMG, I LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE. It’s the only thing that I feel like I’m good at. I love it so much that helping people is soon to be my life’s work. I think that this drive to help people is what is going to make me a great social worker and eventually a counselor. You don’t know how much patience you have when you finally start to listen to people and try to help them through whatever they are facing. Plus, I have personally have received counseling and I think that it is so much easier to work though things with the help of an unbiased person.

Ditch: Not Putting Myself First

While I am always down to help people, I have this horrible issue of not putting myself first. When my mom died, I was more concerned about how everyone else was handling is rather than how I was handling it. I’m slowly starting to put myself first again. Even before my mother’s passing I was really good at not putting myself first. My dad constantly tells me that I “need to be putting Katelyn first” instead of everyone else. Maybe he’s not wrong after all.

Keep: Being Open

I love to talk about my problems now. Honestly, where was this girl 5 years ago? I HATED talking about my feelings and what was going on. Since the passing of my mother, I have been more inclined to talk about my feelings because the grieving process sucks and I hate it and I don’t want to be where I am currently at for the rest of my life. Being open helps me with that. I have gotten a lot better with saying what is on my mind instead of shutting down.

Ditch: Shutting Down

While I love to talk about my problems, I still love to shut down. Ask my boyfriend, Tyler, about how often I still do this. Thanks to him, I have gotten better with this but I still have a long ways to go with it. By the end of 2018 I want to not be at the point where I am constantly shutting down when I get extremely upset or stressed out.

I’m sure that there will be more things that I want to work on this year, but this is a wonderful starting point. As always, feel free to drop what you wanna keep and ditch in 2018 and we can chat about it! I am also willing to hear any suggestions relating to the following topics!

xoxo, Kate


One thought on “So You Say You Wanna Make A ~Resolution~

  1. mostsincerelykate says:

    Katelyn! I love you ❤ I struggle with being a negative nancy too, but we can get through it together! Also, one cinnamon roll will not set you back. Everything in moderation! Good luck this year and message me if you ever need any motivation or help! Love you!


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