Gratitude Challenge: Day Two

Life. Is. Crazy. I feel like I have been split up into 40 different pieces, BUT THE WEEK IS ALMOST OVER! Sorry I didn’t get this bad boy up yesterday, but now we get a double post. Woot! So here is day two and as always, I’m grateful to be on this gratitude journey with Sydney6a439e022a6861f129a0cdf56e1d4d6f

What Friend Are You Grateful For?

Meet Cassie. We have been friends for four years now. We met through cologuard and then later she became one of m sisters in Chi Omega. I love this girl so very much. She is the other half of my idiot sandwich and one of my very best friends.

I’m thankful for Cassie because she has stuck by my side through a lot of bad things and has reminded me that even when life is shitty, you can still find ways to make it good. From drives jamming out to 90’s music to overloading with Sheetz food. We are a package deal, no matter what. I wouldn’t want to be attached at the hip to anyone else.

So Cass, thank you so so so much for being such an amazing friend to me over the years. I can’t even picture my life without you. I would be so incredibly lost without in this crazy ass life. You always know how to make me feel better and how to take my mind off of the rough stuff. Thank you for being there constantly and for talking me down from panic attacks and reminding me that how I feel right now is normal.

I dunno what I’m going to do when I leave in December because that means that I can’t see you everyday or come down to your apartment and watch Rick and Morty. You’re not only one of the nicest girls that I have met, but you are also one of the sassiest. I know that you are going to do amazing things with your life. You got this, crouton.

xoxo, kate


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