Gratitude Challenge: Day One

Happy Tuesday! So, while doing my normal browsing I stumbled across a post by Sydney and I was like “Oh m gosh I need to do this” because I’ve been wanting to do some gratitude lovin’ since I think it’s important to focus on the people and things we’re grateful for. Plus I figured this would get my booty in gear to blog more! So, here we go! I’m super excited to be doing this! 6a439e022a6861f129a0cdf56e1d4d6f

My Biggest Unexpected Blessing

I think the biggest unexpected blessing in my life would be my sister. I grew up in a single child house hold but I was always aware of my older siblings. My brother was a constant in my life, but I didn’t meet my sister, Laurel, until I was 9 years old. Laurel has been my rock since then. We’ve gone through a lot and we both had leaned on each other for it all. Laurel is the reason why I’m in college and why I’ve been able to keep my head above water, especially now. She has been a huge help with my life after the passing of my mother. She’s reminded me that giving is okay and that I need to be taking care of myself over anything else. She’s also the best advice giver out there. Any problem I have, I know Laurel is going to give me some kick ass advice or some stellar motivation. One of my favorite things that Laurel has ever told me has bee “Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake”. That phrase has gotten me through a lot more than expected, and I have her to thank. I never thought that when I met her that she would end up meaning this much to me. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have this amazing woman in my life!


Feel free to drop you biggest blessing in the comments!

xoxo, kate


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