Biggest Fashion Accessory

Welcome back for another week of the 52 Week Blog Challenge. Hopefully I’ll commit again and if not, I’ll just spend 6 hours of my life catching up again! As always, thanks to the love sitbackandjustlive and brittsdailydose for presenting this challenge. I still apologize if I blew up your notifications Sunday!



This was super hard for me because you’d think that this would be easy for me but it isn’t. I like to keep my looks simple af since the college life is super hard. But, here are my current favorite things that I have on me to keep me looking good on campus.

[1] Vera Bradley Backpack. When I say that I live out of this, I really mean that I live out of this thing. It contains my life and is almost constantly with me. I got this bad boy fall of 2015 and I don’t regret it. VB backpacks are a HUGE thing on campus and I’ve had one since freshman year, but my original VB backpack sadly had to be retired due to the bottom of it almost busting out. So it was time to upgrade to a two big pocket backpack that has lots of room for binders, my laptop, and some extra shoes if needed.


[2] Columbia Sandals. Best. Thrift. Find. EVER. I cannot explain how much I love these sandals! They’re super comfortable and go with literally everything. I started wearing them again because normal flip flops make my feet hurt to the point where I can’t walk. So these sandals are a must have for me. I get a lot of compliments on them and get so excited over it. I also needed a reason to post this hella cute picture of them.

[3] Over-Sized Scarves. Literally my go to for cold and rainy days. I especially love this scarf because it’s so comfortable and goes with all of my favorite dark clothes. Super sad that I have to put the scarves away for the summer. #FallIsMyBae

And there we have it! Feel free to leave your favs in the comments!

xoxo, kate


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