My Favorite Month

I’m geting so close to being caught up on ths challege! I am so excited to jump back into it on this Wednedsay! Like always, shoutout to sitbackandjustlive and brittsdailydose !

Week 13: Favorite Month

July is my absolute favorite month. No other months compare for me. It’s the middle of the summer and there are always fun things going on in July. Two of my favorite things that happen in July are my birthday and Independence Day! I love that they’re so close to each other too. My birthday is on the first and then Independence Day is the fourth. I usually end up celebrating my birthday on the fourth anyways. As a child, I would be so excited to watch the fireworks because I though that they were for me.

As an adult, it makes it super easy for me to take a long weekend or four days off to celebrate both my birthday and the fourth. Who wants to work on their birthday anyway? I’m super excited to see what this July holds for me!

I also love July because you don’t have to worry about unpredictable weather as much. You usually know what the weather is going to be like come the month of July.

Feel free to share your favorite month in the comments!

xoxo, kate


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