Music of My Heart 

As always, S/O to sitbackandjustlive and brittsdailydose for this challenge!!


I LOVE MUSIC. That is the first thing you should know about me. I have such a wide variety of music on my Spotify and make playlists for EVERYTHING. I’m going to talk about my top seven favorite songs from my SENIOR YEAR playlist!

[1] Lady Killers by G-Easy ft Hoodie Allen

Why I Love It: THIS. IS. MY. JAM. You can always find me singing this with my bff Court (insert blog here) at a frat house on a Friday night. It’s so catchy and how my love for G-Easy started. Added bouns: my man Hoodie is in it as well. *SWOON*

Favorite Lyric: Me and G some lady killers, let me start the medley like, hello (Hi there)/And please don’t put your number in my phone (Don’t do that)/Cause I might text you after all of this Patron (My bad)/It tends to help me out when I’m feelin’ alone

[2] Million Reason by Lady Gaga

Why I Love It: I love this song because I listened to it for the first time when I was kind of in break up mode. It was one of those songs that came into my life exactly when I needed to hear it. Even now, I still love listening to this song. It’s very applicable to other situations in my life that are not romantic.

Favorite Lyric: Lord, show me the way/To cut through all his worn out leather/I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away/But baby, I just need one good one to stay

[3] Dammit by blink-182

Why I Love It: I’ve ALWAYS loved blink. I stared my senior year off with getting to see them in concert with my roommate and her boyfriend.  It was the high light of my summer and the perfect way to start my senior year off.

Favorite Lyric: But everybody’s gone/And I’ve been here for too long/To face this on my own, well I guess this is growing up.

[4] Issues by Julia Michaels

Why I Love It: I heard this song right about the time that Colin and I had started talking again and I was obsessed. This related to our situation so much on my end of thing. I thought that my biggest issue was how much I needed to have him in my life.

Favorite Lyric: ‘Cause you don’t judge me/’Cause if you did, baby, I would judge you too/No, you don’t judge me/’Cause you see it from same point of view

[5] Don’t Let Me Go by G-Easy ft Grace 

Why I Love It: I heard this back in December much like “Million Reasons”. I already loved G-Easy and this just gave me yet another reason to love it. My favorite lying summed up how I felt for a majority of December.

Favorite Lyric: Couldn’t stay and love you so I became heartless

[6] Till It Hurts by Yellow Claw

Why I Love It: S/O to Colin for getting me hooked on his song. Over spring break he sent me this along with some other songs and I feel in love. It speaks to me on a special level and reminds me that you need to live in the moment and worry about things later.

Favorite Lyric: Tell me will you love me tomorrow/Like you love me tonight/See we can worry about it tomorrow/Just give me tonight

[7] Powerful by Major Lazer ft Ellie Goulding

Why I Love It: Yet another song that I can thank Colin for. I love this song because it remind me of him and plus it’s catchy af. I had to SEARCH to find the name of this song after I heard it.

Favorite Lyric: Oh Lord have mercy I’m begging you, please/I’m feeling drained, I need love/You charge me up like electricity/ Jumpstart my heart with your love/There’s an energy/When you hold me/When you touch me/It’s so poweful

So that’s it! Here’s the rest of my senior year playlist if you wanna snoop around and find new tunes yourself! Drop your favorite songs in the comments! I LOVE GETTING NEW MUSIC!!!

xoxo, kate


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