An Unforgettable Day in My Life

Just so we’re all aware, I have many unforgettable days in my life because I remember everything. But this was super easy for me to write about, so I hope everyone enjoys! s always S/O to sitbackandjustlive and brittsdailydose  for this!


September 20, 2013

This seems like SUCH a long time ago, when it’s only been around 3 years. I was 18 and new to college life. My sister and upperclassmen encouraged me to go though recruitment. I was hesitant to do so, but I am so glad I listened to them. This day is so special to me because it is the day that I got my bid to Chi Omega.

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I literally never thought that I would get a bid from them, but I am so happy that I did, Because of Chi Omega I have grown into such a strong woman that holds herself to high values. If it were not for Chi Omega, I would have transferred colleges after my freshman year. If I could relive this day (minus being sick) I would. I will always remember this day and hold it very close to my heart.

Feel free to share your unforgettable day in the comments!

xoxo, kate


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