Catching Up With Kate-January

Hey all!

LET ME JUST TELL YOU HOW ABSOLUTELY CRAZY MY LIFE HAS BEEN. School has been consuming me like crazy, but there have been a lot of good things going on in my life! I figured that it would be easier to break up the major points in my life up by the months and then really saddle up and get back to blogging. I have truly missed blogging something terribly.


Some cool things that happened in January after Maddie’s birthday and initiation.

We had some killer weather in Greenville. It got me super hype for the weather that I’m currently enjoying.

And I also got to have a lovely dinner with my big, Cassie. She took me out to my favorite restaurant (for all you PA folks it’s Elephant Castle in Grove City, right next to the outlets!). Naturally, I had to get some cheesecake since it’s my favorite dessert.

ALSO, we started counting down the days to graduation. I attended the 100 Days dinner with my sisters and my roommate, drank crappy wine, and laughed a lot. Currently, there are like 39 days left (YIKES).

Annnnnd then a new flame has been lit. This guy and I had reconnected and started talking again and rekindling things between us.Y’all will heat more about him in the following post, though.

And finally, SPRING BID DAY!! We got a pledge class of three and they’re amazing girls and they get initiated at the end of the semester. It makes me feel super old, but I’m so excited!

So that’s it for January! Stay tuned for February!

xoxo, Kate


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