Make Up I Love (Part One)

So, as promised in this weeks “Catching Up With Kate” post, I said that I would write about my new buys from the weekend. Make up is slowly starting to become my new addiction and I tell my mom and my friends all the time that I never thought that I would be this type of person.

I love a good deal, so when it comes to makeup I try to find the best deals I can. My mom taught me to never buy extremely cheap makeup because of how sensitive my skin is. Over the years I have found brands that I LOVE and that are my life saves. I’ve always been a fan of Covergirl, but my new addiction is e.l.f. (eyes. lips. face.). I LOVE E.L.F. SO SO SO MUCH!!!

If you don’t know about e.l.f. go check them out here. Their make up is cheap. As a college student my budget is slim to none so they are perfect for me! Usually when I tell people that e.l.f. is cheap I get asked why I use cheap make up. I use cheap make up because this stuff if actually pretty decent quality, in my opinion. I mean, I’m not a makeup guru but I think this stuff is AMAZING!! I am always looking at stuff to buy from them and when I want to treat myself they are the first thing I look at.

So, lets look at what I treated myself to this weekend from e.l.f.!

e.l.f. Under Eye Conceal&Highlight (Shade: Light/Glow)

2017-01-23-14-59-59I love this stuff so much! I bought another one this weekend because I thought I lost the one I had bought over break . It is my first concealer that I have bought and I’m pretty impressed. It goes on pretty smooth for me and blends perfectly with my foundation! I like the highlight part of it too because it adds a little sparkle to the bags that have made home under my eyes. I’ve read reviews that the highlight can also be used as an eye shadow primer. Haven’t tried it out, but if I do I’ll report back!

Cost: $3

e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner2017-01-23-15-00-07

So, this bad boy has been on my want list for months now! I am so glad that I bought it because it’s so simple to use and lets me clean my brushes in a quickie. It does a pretty good job at getting the makeup off the brushes, but not nearly as good as soap and water. This is still going to come in handy for when I’m feeling lazy and I need it in a pinch. Also, it smells so good!

Cost: $3



e.l.f. Makeup Mist&Set

2017-01-23-15-00-14This is one of my favorite thing in the whole world. I needed something for colorguard that would lock in my makeup run all over my face. My first bottle was actually bought at a thrift store still in the original package and no seals were broken and it was only 97 cents and I was thrilled. Close to running out, this weekend I decided that I needed this still in my life. I recommend this to anyone who needs a setting spray that is on a budget.

Cost: $3



e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick (Shade: Party in the Buff)

So, here’s the thing..I’m really picky about lipsticks. I love mattes, but hate that they dry your lips out. I love regular lipstick, but they can be pains. It wasn’t until recent that I started to wear lipstick. I fell in love with this shade and I’m so excited to wear it. It doesn’t look like that it’ll be too much of a mess or give me any problems, but here’s to hoping. As if I needed another tube of lipstick in my makeup box, but life is short.For sure will report back with the verdict on the lipstick!

Cost: $3

So there we have it. My obsession with e.l.f. has been brought to light and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Feel free to drop your favorite makeup brands or products in the comments!

xoxo, Kate






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