Catching Up With Kate

Hey guys! So sorry that I haven’t been posting! It’s been a crazy week for me and I am finally back at school so now I have the chance to get back to writing. I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS SEMESTER! This is my second to last semester, but I get to walk in the spring with my class. I also got a 3.1 GPA which was the highest GPA I have gotten in college so far. I am ready to make Dean’s List and have a lot of amazing things happen this semester. My roommate Kirsten and I are going to start going to the gym too and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited for it (never thought I’d say that!).

So what’s been going on? Absolutely everything. Friday, we had to get our cat, Tasha, put down. It’s been really hard to deal with lately, but I’m slowly coping better. Being back at college is going to help tremendously! I can’t believe that she’s really gone now. I’d give anything to get her back. Kirsten also came and picked me up and watched the Gilmore Girls revival with me. (FYI IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOOD)

 Saturday, I got to go grocery shopping with my amazing roommate and get food for our apartment! We got up basically at the crack of dawn (her mom’s choice) and went to the store before there were any crowds. I am happy to say that our kitchen is now filled with food!

Sunday, was alright. I went to work and did a little shopping after. It was also my last day of work until I go home in March! Then when I came home I watched the golden globes. It was a pretty chill night.

Monday, mom and I went to visit some kitties at the humane society and then did a little shopping. I also treated my mom to dinner at our favorite Chinese place! It was a really nice last day at home.

So I came back to campus yesterday (Tuesday) and I was so so so happy to come back. It took me forever to get my stuff unpacked and laundry done. I am almost done with getting my room back in order. Kirsten made dinner too and we all just kinda chilled out for the rest of the evening.

Feel free to tell me about your life and what you’ve been up to in the last couple of days! Oh and be on the look out for my second 52 Week Blog Challenege post that’ll be posted later today!

xoxo, Kate


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