A Day in the Life 

So, I thought that it would be interesting to post what my day is like. I may make this a weekly thing, especially to show what my Friday’s are like! Friday’s are my favorite day of the week because that means the weekend and that’s when I’m the least busy, especially this time of year. I thought that since I am going back to college soon to start the spring semester that it would be cool to this because there are so many things that go on and Friday is a really popular day to do things there.  So, here is a day in the life of Kate!

img_3618-19:00am came sooner than I expected (especially after staying up until 1:30am) but actually got up at when my first alarm went off. This never happens for me. I think it’s because I had to work today. I knew I could lounge for a while because I didn’t have to shower and didn’t have to be to work until 2:15, so I had some much needed social media surfing to do this morning. Around 10am I went downstairs to converse with my mom and she had mentioned that it snowed and that she was going to shovel our side walk. So, I decided that I was going to do it for her. I was first welcomed to this wonderful view. I shoveled our sidewalk and out around the car and cleaned it off the best that I could. I knew I’d have to clean it off again before we left for work, but it wasn’t nearly as bad. I’m not having any of this weather. Christmas is long and gone and I’m ready for spring time. This picture was taken around noon and let me just tell you that when I went out earlier the big sidewalk wasn’t even plowed yet! I couldn’t believe it.

So then, I decided that it was time for me to get ready for work, especially since I wanted to leave a little earlier than normal because who knew what the roads were going to look like. But first, I had to go give Tasha pets. She still isn’t feeling too good and I’m hopeful that next week when she gets her shot she’ll start feeling more like herself. But for now,  its cuddles on mom’s bed and a hell of a lot of babying for the little girl. I love giving her cuddles and pets because I like to think that it makes her feel better. I was rewarded with some kitty kisses and a lot of purring. 

Getting ready for work doesn’t take me long. It takes me around 15 minuets to get ready, which is the fastest I get ready for anything. I am constantly late to getting up campus for class because I take such a long time to get ready. I try really hard to be in and out of the bathroom as quickly as I can.It’s taken me years to be able to master my routine. I don’t try to do anything too outrageous with my weekday make up. I leave the experimenting and wild make up to the weekends. Today I also realized just how long my hair is getting. This makes me so excited because I’ve missed my long hair terribly, but the short hair makes me look more grown up. I also decided to go for warmth today with one of my favorite sweatshirts versus a company tshirt.
So after that, off I went to get ready for a 5 hour shift at the Big K. Mom and I left around 1:45pm.  As much as the holiday hours were a pain, my pay check misses the extra
hours. Naturally, I made it to work early, and I’m thankful the roads weren’t bad at all. I had time to chat with my co-workers before I had to go upfront to the checkouts. Rhonda and Kim were talkative like always and gave me a couple of laughs. I clocked in around 2:15pm, I’m usually 5 minuets early for every shift when it comes to clocking in. My day took foooorrreverrrrrrrr.  We started getting busy shortly after my shift started (I honestly think it’s me. This happens CONSTANTLY). But I did enjoy the times where there were no customers coming up to my register. I got a little fustrated becuae I ran out of change and my supervisor took around a half an hour to get my change for me. I felt horirble to the customer who had to wait to get her change. Then we got busy again and the next time the store was calm I took some selfies in the bathroom. I just needed a couple of minuets of me time because I hadn’t gotten my break. They never sent me on my break until 6:45pm which to me was pointless because I get off at 7:15. But it was nice to sit down, drink some water, and eat some of Granddad’s jello salad. The last ten minuets of my shift were smooth and I actually got to clock out on time. I was out the door right at 7:15pm and was ready to go home. When I got in the car my mom and I got to chatting and I was telling her about a scarf I had found that I was going to buy tomorrow. She was kind enough to take me back in and buy it for me along with a couple other things. I fussed, but she told me that she felt bad because I didn’t get a lot for Christmas. So, we left the Big K around 8pm and getting home was the highlight of my day! So, after we got home, I got a snack and showed Tasha my new scarf. She really seemed to enjoy it and wore it around much longer than I expected. I think she looks very cute with it around her. It’s the perfect combination of warm and soft. I think I might try to include it in my New Years Eve outfit. So now, it is 9:26pm and I am pooped. I think it’s time for some Netflix or a little light reading before bed.

I probably won’t have a chance to post tomorrow, so I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year and feel free to share it or even how you day was in the comments!

Until next time!

xoxo Kate


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