10 Reasons Why Frat Bros Make The Best Friends

In high school, I never had a lot of guy friends. Maybe like three or four and that was it. I don’t even think that I could even call them “friends” looking back on it. Coming to college, I automatically made friends that were girls. It wasn’t hard because I don’t have a hard time speaking to girls. It’s generally known that before college I had a hard time speaking to the opposite sex regardless if I liked them romantically, as a friend or simply had to ask them to borrow a pen. Four long years later, I have a good group of guy friends, who are also frat bros, that I couldn’t imagine my life without. And just to clarify, they are the most hard working guys that I have ever met in my whole entire life when it comes to their philanthropy.  This one is for you, guys!


  1. They’re good for moving heavy things. I know that if I ever need help moving out of my apartment at my college I have at least three guys that would drop what they’re doing for me and come help me. My roommate, Kirsten, and I are pretty strong ladies, but sometimes we’re not strong enough. We had three of our guy friends move a couch into our apartment at the start of the semester and thank God we had them because it ended up having to be moved in through the window.
  2. They’re good with jokes. Something that I look for in guy friends is his humor. Is he funny? Can he handle my jokes? Does he get my sarcasm?  He’s a keeper if I can answer yes to all of those questions. I love when I can have running jokes with someone. Guys are good sports about jokes, sometimes even better than girls. Being able to keep the humor exciting is the best part. However, sometimes they just don’t know when to stop. All of my guy friends give me a hard time about old relationships and stupid things that I have done in college, but they also know where the line is and when to not cross it. I have mad respect for all of them when it comes to this. 14470479_10208569446688337_1267300421876517201_n
  3. They treat you like their sister. And I easily treat them like my brothers. I never got to experience the whole big brother looking out for the little sister thing growing up. My brother already had his own kids to worry about, let alone his loser sister. So, my guy friends do a pretty damn good job at looking after me and making sure that they do their job to annoy me. They also make sure that I have my life together in some shape or way.
  4. If you have a problem, it’s their problem too. This is something that means the world to me. At the end of the semester, there was a little bit of an issue with an ex flame and I was pretty upset about it. My guy friends were ready to take care of it, along with my girls. It really meant a lot to me to know that they were ready to put a stop to the problem. 15698045_10209385328404870_8516074835814575976_n.jpg
  5. They’re always a good time. So, I think it should be known that a lot of my guy friends are also frat bros. I have made a lot of friends with a particular frat on campus (one of their brothers helped found my sorority so I have a lot of respect for these guys) and it’s been one of my best decisions ever. These guys are literally the best. I always get excited for mixers with them because I know I am going to have a good time. But, come the weekend you know where you can find me. It’s just a couple minuets away from my apartment so you know no matter the weather, I’ll be there all night. They always know how to throw a good party and make sure that everyone gets home safe.
  6. I always have a date to informal/formals. Having guy friends that understand Greek life are a blessing. They understand the struggle of trying to find a date to the upcoming informal or formal. I have no taken a single person that I have been romantically involved with to a informal/formal event. Why? Because I have so much more fund taking my guy friend. There are no expectation with it. It’s just a friend doing a favor for a friend. Plus, if you play your cards right, you already have scored yourself an invite to their informal/formal event!14463068_10208569461048696_4787624707852370240_n
  7. They’re my go to for guy advice. Shocking right?  Going to a guy for advice on that douchey football player you have a crush on. Yep. Well, it turns out that guys have very good opinions on that good douchey football player.14563352_10208569464728788_1903817636443557315_n.jpg If I’ve learned anything, it is that you should listen to your guy friends when they warn you about douchey football players. I do a lot of over thinking too, so it’s good to be able to go to one of them and say “Hey if a girl were to do this how would it make you feel?” or things to that extent. Having a guy’s perspective on something, especially dating, makes things a lot easier to deal with.
  8. They always make sure you’re fed. There is no faster way to my heart than to my stomach. Guys love food almost as much as what I do. Your favorite is in the cafe? They’ll let you know. You’re out of Bistro money? They got you. You have a 1 am craving for mozzarella sticks from the local gas station? He’ll be back in 15 with them AND a Jamwich for later. You have no food in your apartment? Here let me bring snack back for you (YOU DA REAL MVP BOBBY). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to get one of my guy friends to bring me food while I have been up campus studying. They’re truly blessings.
  9. They make sure you’re safe at all times. I would be lying if I said my weekends were tame. There have been times where I have gotten sick or had 15697738_10209385331564949_8475542334667839005_nthings thrown at me or have just really been too intoxicated to function. More than what I like to admit it, my guy friends have taken pretty good care of me when I’ve gotten bad. Regardless if it was from them letting me sleep on their floor, letting me scream at them to get some rage out, or just simply taking my drink from me and giving me water instead. They are also good at making sure that you get home safely. I cannot tell you how many of them have walked me home from a night of too much drinking.
  10. They’re the second best group of people you’ll meet in college. I only say this because I love my guys, but I have zero intentions to make any of them my
    bridesmaids. If I could have my guy friends be groomsmen you best believe I would in a heart beat. My college years wouldn’t be ANYTHING compared to what they have been with my guys in my life. They never fail to put a smile on my face.

So there we have it! I’d be nothing without my guy friends! Feel free to tell me about your guy friends in the comments!

xoxo Kate


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Frat Bros Make The Best Friends

  1. lovejennyxo says:

    These are such good points! But I totally agree guys in general make the best friends, most of my friends are guys so I can totally relate. My favorite of all is 9, its so true, they’re like my own personal body guards lol This was a super cute post and Im sure all your guy friends would appreciate it!!!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    • completelykatexo says:

      Thank you, Jenny! I always feel protected around them, and it is such a nice feeling. I’ve sent it out to a couple of them and they’ve love it, especially the guys who had pictures featured in this. Have a happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

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