A Letter to My Cat 

Dear Tasha,

I would like to thank you for all you have done for mom and I over the past year and a half. You have made our lives so much better and more fuzzy. I am forever grateful for you putting up with my constant selfies and countless attempts to give you belly rubs.

When we adopted Tasha in June of 2015

I wish that I could be the one that had your cancer much like  I did when mom had hers. I wish I could take away the pain you’re in and make you feel like you did when we brought you home. Your eyes no longer light up like they did when you first came home with us and it breaks my heart. I wish you could tell mom and I what is wrong so we can help you. I don’t want you to suffer.

Snuggles With Sissy

Tasha’s First Day Home

Six long months ago, the vet told us that it was possible for your lump to come back as soon as you got your stiches out. I was so hopeful that you would be in the clear. You would be okay and we could spend years together. More years of playing, cuddles, and outside time. But now, that seems like only a dream. Mom is worried you won’t make it to the end of January. Mom’s accepted that you’re going to die. Mom’s accepted that you’re not going to get better anytime soon.

Happiness After Getting Her Stitches Out

Post Surgery Silliness

I haven’t. I haven’t accepted that I won’t have my favorite girl around when I come home on breaks or that I won’t get kisses randomly when we’re cuddling. I won’t have morning cuddle sessions before work or have little fuzz balls on literally every item of black clothing I have. I won’t have to turn the water on in the tub or hear the thud of you jumping off of one of the beds when I come home. No more play time and no more lap cat moments that I cherish so much. It breaks my heart to think of not having these things in my life anymore.

Outside Time

The vet told us that we need to give you the best quality of life. I hope mom and I haven’t failed. We’re trying so hard for you. You are such a special cat and you deserve nothing less than the very best.

I will always keep our memories close to my heart. There isn’t a single cat that could ever replace you in my heart. You were my saving grace since we got you. On paper, you’re mom’s therapy cat but you’re also mine too. You have given me so much happiness, I could never thank you enough. You’re such a special little girl, Tasha.

It’s okay to let go, sissy understands. You’ve lived a good life, especially the past year and a half. 

All the love in the world,



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